Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OC4J Configuration issue, EM Configuration issue emctl - Oracle Enterprise Manager

This is how I solved this issue . I have mentioned below my server details and how I get around this issue

1.Linux x86 64 Bit Operating System

2. I have two Oracle Homes - One for Oracle 10G R2 and other Oracle 11G R2

I have seen this error, even when we set the correct ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID and when we try to start emctl it shows the following error

OC4J Configuration issue...

Now, even if I rename the file OC4J_DBConsole ( as mentioned in some of the forums) , in any of your Oracle home$oc4j/j2ee/OC4J_DBConsole_<MachineName>_<InstanceName> , it will not work.

The correct solution is to set the correct ORACLE_HOME , go to your ORACLE_HOME and execute ./bin/emctl status dbconsole

-bash-3.00$ pwd
-bash-3.00$ cd $ORACLE_HOME
-bash-3.00$ ls
apex         config  dc_ocm                has               j2ee    lib         nls     oracore      plsql      slax             ucp
assistants   crs     deinstall             hs                javavm  log         oc4j    oraInst.loc  precomp    sqldeveloper     uix
bin          csmig   demo                  ide               jdbc    md          odbc    ord          racg       sqlj             utl
ccr          css     diagnostics           install           jdev    mesg        olap    oui          rdbms      sqlplus          wwg
cdata        ctx     dv                    install.platform  jdk     mgw         ons     owb          relnotes   srvm             xdk
cfgtoollogs  cv      emcli                 instantclient     jlib    N850_CBA04  OPatch  owm    sysman
clone        dbs     EMStagePatches_CBA04  inventory         ldap    network     opmn    perl         scheduler  timingframework
-bash-3.00$ ./bin/emctl status dbconsole
Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Database Control Release
Copyright (c) 1996, 2009 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g is running.
Logs are generated in directory /applns/oracle11g/oracle/N850_CBA04/sysman/log



Anonymous said...

The above does not work. Best bet is to simply recreate the Enterprise Manager repository. Use the following commands to Recreate Oracle Enterprise Manager repository with EMCA:

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/emca -config dbcontrol db -repos recreate

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